Uncompress .bin and mount .dmg from commandline


Anyone know how I go about uncompressing a .dmg.bin image and then mounting that image from the commandline in OS X?
Also, with reference to '.dmg' files (and running MacOS X 10.4 - 'Tiger') ...

hdid path_to_.dmg_file <return>
StuffIt Deluxe can expand .bin files, and inclues two command-line StuffIt utilities located in /usr/local/bin: stuff and unstuff.
Thanks ElDiabloConCaca for the 'unstuff' information.

With 'unstuff' (as the result of installing 'StuffIt Deluxe' version 9) in '/usr/local/sbin/' and 'unstuff -F' <return> entered, the formats supported by 'unstuff' were displayed. They are ...

apple, arc, arj, bin, btoa, bz2, cab, compress, cpt, double, freeze, gz, hqx, lha, mime, pack, pf, rar, sco, sit, sit5, sitseg, sitx, tar, uu, yenc, and zip

... Thus, to decompress 'InstallerUpdate1.0.dmg.bin' and then mount the '.dmg' file - if on the current_user's 'Desktop', one would enter ...

/usr/local/bin/unstuff /Users/current_user/Desktop/InstallerUpdate1.0.dmg.bin; hdid /Users/current_user/Desktop/InstallerUpdate1.0.dmg

..., as one example.