Updating/Installing PRoblemss!


Every time i attempt to install something or update the software (panther) the installer always crashes before it can begin installing whatever it is supposed to. So any help here?
Also, are you using 'Software Update' via the 'Apple, Mac OS X Software...' menu item (or when it automatically appears - based on its 'Preferences' setting)?

And / or are you downloading the updates, and then installing them via the standalone installer?

What version of 'Panther' is currently installed, and what version are you attempting to update to?
the updates are from the automatic system updates and i cannot update, nor install anything like Adobe photoshop cs because the installer and the updater will crash.
Did you perform the steps suggested by ElBiabloConCaca?
That is, boot from 'Mac OS X Install Disc 1' and via the 'Installer' or 'Utilities' menu select 'Disk Utility'. With 'Disk Utility' launched - click on the 'First Aid' tab, select your Mac's internal boot drive icon (left side column), click the 'Repair Disk' button (may be have to repeat), and then on the 'Repair Disk Permissions' button.