Upgrade from 9.2 to 10.4 problems

Phil O'Connor

I am trying to upgrade a G4 Power Mac with 9.2 installed to 10.4. The computer only has a CD drive. I attached a firewire DVD burner and put the 10.4 disc in to it. G4 reads it okay I then clicked on upgrade to 10.4 and the process stalls because it starts with a restart from the disc which it can't find because it is in the external drive and not the CD drive.

What is the best way around this problem.


If you have the G4 model known as the PCI G4, you can't boot to a FireWire device. It's not possible.
Replace the internal CD rom with a DVD burner, or just a combo drive, which will write CDs, and read DVDs. You can get brand new drives for about $30 that will help you.