upgrade to 10.2 or 10.3



I have an ibook G3 366MHz with OS 9 and X 10.1.
Is there any way to upgrade to 10.2 or 10.3 or do I need to buy a full installer?
And by the way, would it work properly with this mac?

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1. Each "tenth" is treated by Apple as a new release, so you must buy
a full installer. I recommend 10.3 as a much more mature/stable OS.

2. Depending on which iBook you have, I suspect your only issue with
10.x (x > 1) would be RAM and HD space. Those puppies came with
durn little memory, and -- with any X -- you need at least 512mb, the
more the merrier.

You also need a bunch of HD space. An X upgrade will replace the 10.1
you have, but first you'll need 8-10 gb for the upgrade to use before
you wipe the original 10.1.


Thank you for your answer.

I have 320MB Ram and 10GB HD.
I just didn't understand if the new system needs 8-10gb. Isn't it too much?



8-10 GB is a little high. The OS X install only needs 3-4GB free space to install. When the OS X is normally running, you should make sure that the free space does not drop below 1 GB. More free space is better with OS X. With your 10 GB hard drive, try to keep more than 2 GB free.
Your RAM will be OK with OS X, and you could replace the 256 MB SO-DIMM with a 512 MB piece.


Your RAM is marginal for any version of OS X and frankly inadequate for decent performance with Tiger.

As far as your disk drive goes, starting with a 10GB drive and allowing for the necessary 15% free space for good drive health you only have 8.5GB available. Not counting the the user files or the various invisible files that are part an parcel of OS X a reasonably standard installation of OS X will occupy approximately 4.25GB. Add another .+.5GB for OS 9 (the classic environment and that leaves you less than 4 GB for your personal data files on a 10GB drive.

So yes you can install and run Panther (forget Jaguar) on your iBook provided you stringently manage your data files and don't have a lot of applications. The installer will require 3 or 4GB free, just to do the installation.

You would be better off with the maximum 640MB of RAM supported by your iBook and either a 20 or 30GB hard drive upgrade or possibly an external firewire drive.


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320 MB on an iBook G3/366 is fine for Mac OS X 10.3. I wouldn't install Tiger. Those clamshell iBooks do _not_ support 640 MB of RAM AFAIK, perfessor.

A 10 GB harddrive is fine, too. I'd simply make sure that at install time you de-select everything you don't really, really need. No additional languages, no un-needed printer drivers etc.


fryke said:
those clamshell iBooks do _not_ support 640 MB of RAM AFAIK, perfessor.
You are correct. Officially they will only support 320MB but with higher capacity SO-DIMMs than were available when the clamshells were built and spec'd they will actually support 576MB. 64MB soldered on the logic board plus a 512MB SO-DIMM.

Later model iBooks with 128MB soldered to the logic board go up to 640MB with the addition of a 512MB SO-DIMM.