Upgrade to iPhone 3.0 OS never completes download


Even with broadband, I am not able to complete the download/install process to the new 3.0 OS. The download slows down and eventually stops (at different points) before completing the process. Not sure what could be causing this...I have the latest iTunes upgrade, the latest Mac OS, etc.

But here's the biter...the one thing that really frustrates me about this. Everytime I start over, the download starts from the beginning. If, somehow, I could get the "resume" to pick up where I left off, I think I could complete the download. Instead it always goes back to zero.

I supposed I could take the phone to the Apple Store and let them try to upgrade the software for me.

Anyone have any ideas?


U.S.D.A. Prime
Could it be a limitation of your ISP, perhaps?

Have you had success downloading other large, monolithic files? Like a Linux ISO or something?