Upgrade & Update Time....or Not


Having decided to upgrade from 2009 Mini 2012 Mini, I thought it prudent to update from my favourite ever OS Snow Leopard, to something a bit newer, Mavericks at least.
Great idea, but as I have never bought an OS from the Apple Store, I find that I can't update!!!!!
It appears that I have to "BUY" a new "OLDER" system first, from the Apple Store, despite the fact that I bought Snow Leopard family pack on disk when it was released!!!
What a rip-off!!

Anyone know if there is a way around this?
The upgrades are free only at the window of their release. Both Mini machines can upgrade ‘free’ to the latest version of Sierra.

Is there a reason you want to go to only to Mavericks?
Bugs in new releases get discovered after the release to the general public even after a period of testing. If you can wait a month or two, those bugs will be addressed in updates. You then can download and install the updated upgrade. :rolleyes:
If you decide to upgrade consider using free app EtreCheck and scan the upgrade. It will printout a text file with a good system check pointing you to system report on steroids! The application will not delete anything and point you to folder of the old hackies, old plugins and such that you can delete/upgrade and is not compatible to the new operating system!