Upgrading 3rd Party Software On Newly Installed 10.3


I just installed OS X 10.3 panther on my power mac G4. I still have OS 9 also. I haven't been able to import my address book from Netscape 7 on my OS 9. I exported and saved it as LDIF as instructed, but when I try to select it to be imported on the OS X mail side, it is grayed out. I have to upgrade 3rd party softwares like Norton Anti-Virus(6.02) and Utilities(5.03), Quicken 98, Appleworks(not 3rd party). So I thought I better find out how to handle these other updates I have to get. Once I get everything onto OS X with the old software info imported into it, I won't need 9 anymore. Can anyone help? Thanks.
First thing's first: get rid of Norton Anti-Virus and any other Norton or Symantec applications -- you will experience nothing but problems with them under OS X.

Does Netscape 7 have the ability to export the vCard format?
Cool -- I would highly recommend leaving it that way, as Symantec has dropped support for OS X on one or more of their products, and Symantec/Norton applications are known to cause problems under OS X.

What other export options are there for Netscape 7? What file formats can it export in?
Open up the MAIL app, select HELP, and search
for IMPORT. That'll tell you MAIL uses ADDRESS BOOK
to store its addresses. Export your Netscape address
book as LDI, then import it into ADDRESS BOOK.
That's exactly what I've tried several times, but Netscape's address book is grayed out, so it won't let me select it. I'm not so worried about the address book anymore, I've manually done most of what I need.
My bigger question is with my 3rd party software programs, like Quicken. I have to upgrade from Quicken 98 to the current Quicken for OSX, not even sure which one that is yet, I guess 2005. I can't upgrade it on the OS X side, because my 98 version is on the OS 9 side. Do I have to buy new 2005 instead of upgrading, and then somehow transfer all my 98 info from the 9 side to the OSX side? Or do I have to upgrade on the 9 side and then transfer over to OSX. I love OS X so far, but my old data that I need is stuck in 9 and I don't know how to get it out. Thanks everybody.