Upgrading two G3's- any ideas?


I have been put in charge of upgrading two old G3's
- one iMac 350 MHz with a 6GB hard drive, 256MB RAM, running OS 10.2.8
-one Blue and While G3 350 MHz with a 12GB HD, 320 MB RAM, running OS 10.2.8

I want to put a 512 MB RAM chip and a new 80 GB hard drive in the iMac.
For the B&W, I think just anothe 512 MB RAM chip would be ok.

Any ideas on where to shop? OWC looks good, but a bit expensive. Are there other (cheap) reputable companies out there that anybody would reccomend?


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For a hard drive, I would recommend a Western Digital, and they can be had pretty cheap from http://www.pricewatch.com.

http://www.newegg.com is also a good place with decent prices.

I would recommend not skimping on the quality of RAM, though, unless you like problems with OS X. The newer DDR RAM seems to cause the most problems when it goes bad, but that doesn't mean PC133/100/66 is immune. I prefer http://www.crucial.com

It all depends on your comfort level (do you feel comfortable buying a hard drive/RAM from a company you've probably never heard of). Most well-known sites don't offer the best deals, while little mom & pop online-only stores out of Dallas or San Francisco may be able to get you a better deal.


I personally have had really good luck with OWC, but have never found a good deal on crucial. maybe it is my timing of when i needs chips and when they have good pricing, but crucial was always more expensive when i looked at them.