usb cdrw purchase?


I have a ver b iMac running 8.6. My tray loading cd drive has died and I am saving up to get a new Mac. The family has many programs and games on cd that now can't be played. My ? is without putting more than $300 into this machine will games still run on an external usb 1.1 drive? Will the mac get confused when playing multiple cd games such as MYST or RIVEN?

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I have seen a usb drive used as the main cd rom and it worked great. I can't vouch for the multi CD games on USB but my firewire CD-RW does great. As soon as it wants the next cd, my firewire drive opens up asking for the new disk.


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I would definitely opt for a firewire cd drive as opposed to a USB drive simply because firewire is so much faster and more reliable. Ever tried backing up more than 10GB of data to a USB hard drive? It takes forever. Firewire, however, burns through it like it was nothing. Just my simple opinion.




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I also had a LaCie USB CDRW (12x) which was just great...but reading data will be slow.

And I'm not sure if 8.6 supports FireWire to begin with (please correct me if I'm wrong)?


I decided to go with the external cd drive. It seems to be working fine, my son is playing a via the internet and seems to be reading the cd without to much delay. I guess I have just gotten used to my old slow mac.

Thanks to everyone who responded.