USB Hub Crash ?


Since Spring am using a Belkin Hi-Speed USB Hub 7 slot on my Power Mac, running Tiger. For 2 days now it seems the Hub is crashing. All of a sudden the mouse dies and the USB sticks are removed (warning window comes up that a deivce has been improperly removed from the system). Occasionally everything comes back up after a couple of seconds (like 30), sometimes I must force a shut down as nothing is responding. No programs crash, just the things on the Hub (mouse, 2 USB sticks, Logitech headset, iPod). Before I go out and buy a new hub, wanted to know if it is indeed the hub or if something else could be triggering this. Thanks! PK in Germany :rolleyes:
Your mouse (and keyboard) should NOT be plugged into a hub -- rather, they should be directly connected to the back of the computer (or the keyboard into the back of the computer, and the mouse into the keyboard).

Try moving the mouse to the keyboard ports, or direct to the computer and see if that helps.
Why not? My keyboard is plugged into the hub build into my display and my mouse is plugged into the hub built into my keyboard. They are working just fine. Isn't kind of the point of USB?

//modulo high bandwidth hi drain devices
In certain situations, it's not recommended because some USB hubs usually do not "wake up" until a point later in the computer's boot sequence. So, for keyboards, if it's plugged into a USB hub, startup commands like holding C or Command-Option-P-R may not work.

Plus, some USB devices (self-powered and isynchronous) can conflict with each other when used with a hub.

It's just a troubleshooting procedure. If you experience no problems with that type of setup, more power to you. However, in a situation where something is going swry with USB, the first thing I would do is move the keyboard and mouse to the internal USB ports and off of the hub. YMMV.
Good idea but here was the situation: Bluetooth device (was) plugged into the back of the monitor next to the USB hub. I was using a Bluetooth mouse until I got tired of putting in new batteries every 2 weeks so plugged the mouse into the hub and shelved the Bluetooth mouse. The back of the Mac itself has 2 USBs that I use for a non-ethernet printer and a digital camera. So, now I will try putting the camera USB in the hub, hub in the Mac itself, Bluetooth device back in the monitor (for my Bluetooth keyboard) and mouse back in the monitor. Thx mucho for the idea, will see how it goes.