USB on PowerMac G5 won't work

Lt Major Burns

"Dicky" Charlteston-Burns
this started about a week ago. i plugged my shuffle into my keyboard (as usual) and it said "peripheral is draining too much power, closing usb port" or words to that effect. it then disabled that usb port, until a logout/login. my shuffle has since become useless as for some reason, it drains too much power of the keyboard ones, and the usb on the front of the G5 has also stopped working, but in a different way - it just doesn't recognise anything going in... the keyboard ones have been fine for memory key usage though.

any thoughts?
How often do you reboot your computer?

Some times when I unplug my keyboard it won't work when I plug it back in, if I restart it works again. I have a feeling you already tried that though :-D