User Account Problem


I recently made a new user account for my mum. But the first account was in her name because she put it in when we bought the computer, even though we both paid for half.

Anyway, I'm the one who uses it the most, so all the preferences, desktop pictures etc. were mine. So I made this new account, put her name in it and changed her account name to mine so that I wouldn't have to change all the preferences to the way I want them in the new account.

And now all the music from my iTunes is just gone.......

Also, I'm using that Adium messenger program and all my accounts are gone and my preferences are reset...

Have I lost all my music? I don't really know much about the user accounts, like the public folder etc.. So if someone can help I'll really appreciate it..

Edit.. the bookmarks in my safari are also gone..
Okay, sorry to be a bother, I found my music.
But I'm still wondering why it reset my Adium and Safari preferences.
I don't think it allowed me to change the short name so I just changed the long one.

Also, I'm just noticing that in the Users folder there are now four different folders.
There's the short name for the first account [my mum's name], my name that I put in the first account tonight, the new name for the second account and I created, and the old name for it [because I couldn't have two accounts of the same name.]
Hmm... I probably did it in a stupid way..