Using a Mac in a Windoze world


I am one of the few Mac users in a network controled by PC/Microsoft resources. I get along pretty good, I'm able to mount network drives and get to the data. However one problem still remains; when I get an e-mail that has a link to a file that exists on a network resource I can't open it without mounting the shared resource then find and open the file.

The links look like \\server\share\dir\dir\filename.

How do I get the mac attempt to mount the resouce and open the file automatically?

Thanks in advance.
You probably can't with links formatted like that.

In my experience, connecting to Windows shares used forward-slashes ("/"), not backward slashes like you use on another Windows machine.

A simple script could be written that changes all back-slashes to forward-slashes, but without one I don't think it's going to be possible to simply click the link and have the file auto-open on a Macintosh.
Hmm. That's disappointing...... I was kind of hoping there was something in the network setup that would allow this auto mount to work properly for when you click the link.
You could try this. In finder, choose Go --> Connect to Server. Then, copy in the address, minus the filebit off the end, and prefix it with "smb:", so it looks something like this:

This should take you straight to the folder, at least.
I don't have any trouble using the connect to server in GO menu. I can put the proper sever and path and connect just fine. I wan't to be able to use a link to a file in an email that I read using Entourage. I would like for the OS to mount and provide access to the linked file. Most of them look like this or something like it.