Using a Microphone On Powermac G4 Mirrored Doors


I am having problems using a headset with mic. I have bought the belkin 4-port USB 2.0 hub to plug the plantronics foldable stereo mac headset into. it is the Audio 85 headphones. Please advise.

my computer specs are:
Power Mac G4
867 MHz CPU Speed
1.75 GB
133 MHz Bus Speed

Sound input:
Line In. . .Audio Line-in Port

Sound output:
Internal speakers. . . Built-in Audio

I have no problem using the headset to hear when I use the port on the rear of the tower. But I get no use of the headset with the USB hub. The mic option has never worked.

thank you for your help.


In Geostationary Orbit
In OS X to change the input/output preference (on the Mac) is controlled by the users in the System Preferences->Sound Preference Panel under the Input/Output tabs.