Using A Usb 3 Or Usb 2 Hub With A Usb C To Usb 2-3 Adapter


All my peripherals are usb 2 (scanners, printers, keyboard, EyeTV, SD card reader. Can I use the above to power my Usb 2 devices from a usb c only computer?
Be certain that you get a self-powered hub (which has its own power supply), and not bus-powered (power from the USB bus only)

Personally, I don't care to plug a USB keyboard into a hub, unless that's your only choice.
I am surprised that this has not been discussed previously. Everyone seem to want a usb c converter for each device.
USB-C doesn't make that much difference, at least with normal USB devices, such as printers and keyboard.
All you would need is a USB hub. If you do have devices that are USB-C already, or make use of the same connector, but are not USB devices, such as displays, and video apapters, for example for Thunderbolt, or mini DisplayPort, you would want to assure that the cable/adapter that you use is compatible. Not all are.

Not sure why you think this hasn't been discussed. Other forums have had fairly long threads about USB-C, USB 3.1, Thunderbolt, etc, compatibility issues, particularly if you need to have power available to the device, whatever it might be. It's just not as simple as USB2, or USB 3.0 because of the variety of protocols that all use the same connector.
And, that's part of reason the folks would want a USB-C convertor for each device.
You DO need to do your homework, particularly if you are going to connect devices that require those different protocols. The technology for the use of that connector is not yet mature, and it remains confusing for many folks.
Unless you have a device that uses USB C, you don’t need to worry about it. I don’t think many people are aware of the two different types of USB ports or connectors. USB is USB until you find yourself staring at that different connector.