Using Disk Warrior To Retrieve Data?


Hi all,

In my previous thread I was trying to save my hard drive. It seems to have gone beyond resuscitation, and i am hoping I can scrape some of my data and was advised to use disc warrior. I downloaded it and created the flash drive using my MBA but it doesn't seem to be working.

I restarted using the option key and selected the DW recovery disk. I then got the apple logo, spinning circle and a progress bar which stuck at 25%. After about 50 mins I turned it off because it was getting really hot.

Does anyone have any advice or should I just accept I've lost the data? At this point I have little to lose so will give anything a go!

Thanks, Liz

ETA: additional info:
The iMac is older than the MBA. The MBA is running 10.10.4. The iMac is running Mavericks, probably the latest version as of two months ago, and it is 24 inch early 2008 model A1225 (EMC 2211) or iMac 8.1

I have used time machine to back the iMac up on an external hard drive, but as I mostly use the MBA and my partner uses the iMac, back ups haven’t been done for a month or so since it died. It’s this data that I want to recover as it’s a large body of photographic work and yes, I gave him a hard time about not backing up more regularly!).
I used DiskWarrior to recover documents, photos, music and other files on my iMac when disaster strikes and I was facing lose access to files. It acts well on my iMac. And to protect my special edition of Blu-rays, I have copied them to hard drive with Pavtube BDMagic in advance and store the original discs.
I always thought of Disk Warrior was a stop gap to rescue a dying drive. I sure you have a backup to your important files. Maybe it's time to think about having the internal drive change, to an SSD to speed up your Mac, as soon as possible.