Using External Monitor & Keyboard While Keeping Ibook Sleeping


my mac is ibook g4 1.0G
i am using external monitor /keyboard/mouse (totally usb)
i do as the help document says,
1) keep the mac sleeping
2)plus the external monitor
3)waint for seconds
4)hit a key ,than the mac will be awake

there's some problem i have met
first, I cant awake the mac by hiting the key
but I could do that by clicking the mouse button

another problem is that
after I clicking the mouse button
the external monitor could display the mac desktop
but after a few seconds, my ibook keeps sleeping

could u tell me the solution
thank you


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Mod don't want your computer sleeping while you're trying to use it and more importantly, the iBook isn't designed to be used with the lid closed. The PowerBook models are, but not the iBooks. Doing so with the iBooks will lead to a failure...that's why Apple made it so they won't work in that manner.

I don't have an external monitor and keyboard to test this with, but you should be able to lower the brightness (F1 on the iBook keyboard) all the way down for the iBook screen and still be able to see what's happening on the external one (which has it's own settings controls). You will have to keep the lid open however.