Using screenshots as a screensaver


Hi all,

This may seem a trite issue, but it is driving me crazy.

I am wanting to use a set of screenshots as my screensaver. I have saved a bunch and put them into a folder, which is currently being referenced by my screensaver. No problems there. The problem i DO have though is that even when the screenshots are the same size/resolution as my screen (1024x768), they come up blurred when used in the screensaver, as if they have been scaled. This wouldn't be an issue for photos, because the blurring is minimal, but the screenshots are of websites (I am a web designer) and it is frustrating that all the clean lines and text get altered.

How can this be, when the images are exactly the same dimensions as the screen? And can this be turned off somehow, so the images show up pixel-perfect?

I thought this would be a simple thing but haven't been able to find any info about it yet on the net. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
because they are being scaled. the photo based screensaver in oSX scales, moves and fades all the pictures in an ever so lovely way. and there isn't really a way to turn this off. you seem to have found a minor flaw in the system. sorry.
You can turn off those effects in the "Desktop & Screen Saver" System Preference pane by clicking "Options" (under the preview area) and deselecting the appropriate options.