Vector graphics


Who, me?
Hi all.

I'm looking for a decent vector graphics program akin to CorelDraw for the PC.

Anyone have some suggestions?

The major vector graphic applications on the Mac used to be Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia's Freehand. But I just went to the Macromedia site and found to my chagrin that since Adobe bought Macromedia, Freehand is no longer catalogued. :(

However, it appears that Macromedia Studio and its associated products are still alive and well. :cool:
I personally prefer Freehand most of the time but was an illustrator user since it was released ages ago as Illustrator 88. Inkscape looks interesting as well, but I have not tried it.

Not really seen anything else that is worth investigating.
well, I've been toying with Inkscape and I have to say I'm impressed. It's obviously flavored by CorelDraw and that's a good think since I'm a... 15?... year user of Corel.

Thanks all for the feedback.
I'm looking for a Fireworks replacement and I think this is the right area to be asking questions. ;)

Is Inkscape free? Anyone got a review?

Intaglio doesn't look bad. Thoughts on this one?

Does anything compare to Fireworks? I love fireworks but it's so spendy.

fryke said:
Isn't Fireworks *not* vector-based but rather pixel-based?

Technically probably. But it's amazing at working with vector stuff too. Kinda like a little of Photoshop and a little of Illustrator. A happy medium. That's my opinion anyways. Vector + Bitmap = Fireworks :D
madstoner said:
I prefer Adobe Illustator since the results are superb and termondeous.
termondeous - (ter • mon • dee • us) adj.- My new favorite word.
twister: if the file format in the end is bitmap-based, it's not really suitable for vector-based graphics. and if you're looking for a fireworks replacement, a vector-based graphics program probably won't be it. that's why i asked...
Well fireworks saves as PNG files and they stay vector. Not web PNG files, Fireworks source files. What I like about fireworks is it's easy to create and edit vector graphics along with bitmaps, add filters and remove them at any time and it just all works so slick. :)
twister said:
I'm looking for a Fireworks replacement

Does anything compare to Fireworks?
I have tried Inkscape and Intaglio and to me neither is even in the same league as Fireworks. Fireworks may seem "spendy" as you say, but it is simply the best and I find I can do so much with it so quickly and so easily the cost seems reasonable.

Adobe tried to create a competitor to Fireworks and finally gave up and bought Macromedia and it appears Fireworks will be the surviving product.
and dreamweaver. basically it'll all get overhauled, it'll all get a new, more unifying interface across the board and then we'll have Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Director... scary