Very slow starting up and remain question mark in the dock


In first i have to say my english is not my mother's language, so I will be able to have difficulties of expressing me ...
So Please if you could use a "cool" english for me to anderstand everything ... Like if i was a child of 8 years old, you know ?! :D

I have an iMac G5 20" bought in january 2005
I'm on Tiger latest update
No peripherals added
A netgear dg834 to access ADSL 4Még

My first problem is :
I find that Mac os X is beginning slow with starting, after login with my username : it takes time to launch the finder and others applications placed in automatic opening at login ; i have during 10 seconds approximately the colored coil and nothing, just the wallpaper, then Finder is launched.
After i haved Mail which is starting automatically and taking time to launch too.

I have a second problem but not sure it's connected to the first :
Sometimes it appears a question mark of Safari in the Dock (always of Safari and always placed at the same place -> second on the left).
I used Onyx tu purge all "masks" (caches en français) of the system and applications but it appears sometimes again ...
I don't know with wich action this question mark can appears ... :confused:

I thank you for giving me attention,


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Sounds like something in your user account might be screwy.

First thing's first: repair disk permissions via Disk Utility on the boot drive.

Second: boot from the Mac OS X Install CD/DVD and run a repair disk via Disk Utility

Third: try creating a new user and see if the new user account exhibits the same problems. If not, then it's most likely something with your former user account causing the slowdowns.


I did what you said me and the iMac has the same slowdown after logged in my session.
Then i always have sometimes the question mark of Safari on the left of the Dock ..... :(
Thanks for all,


The question mark for Safari may be an indication the Launch Services database or Whatis database in OS X may be corrupted. Cocktail can rebuild both for you in addition to cleaning out a lot of the logs, caches, etc, that accumulate over time and can slow your system performance.


I did what you advised me with Cocktail and i have a news : the questin mark ( apeared AFTER the use of Cocktail ! In Coktail i did the cron scripts (all), i cleaned all the caches and rebuild the locate and whatis database.
I have to notice that i placed Safari in an other folder than "Applications", it could cause this ? And why ???

For the problem of slowdown, it's always the same...
Strange thing : Mail is only slow at automatic launch after login but if i quit and launch again it's very fast (same for Finder)...
In all the cases applications are slow (only) at login, in every cession i could create ...
And when i use quick switch cession, Finder is VERY slow when login in the new cession ...

In my automatic launch(admin) i placed Stuffit, little snitch, icalsheduler and Mail ; in the other cession(user), stuffit and mail ...


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I've found that if you have a lot of fonts (or even corrupt ones) active at the same time, that can slow down login time a _lot_ ... Might want to look into that.


Hey Fryke,
Your idea about fonts was a VERY good idea : i had "a lot and a lot" of fonts in double, one corrupted, a lot of thaï and chinese fonts (?) and some useless ...
I did the cleaning ! :) (deleted chinese, corrupted and thaï fonts), deactivated useless.
It's a very little bit faster, but not so significant.
In an other hand i saw some better stability in Tiger.
I did also a clean into "preferences" and "Applications support" of my user and the system (i deleted all prefs of softs deleted or useless).

Now i have to thank you all because you learned me some proceedings and resolves problems of conflicts ! :D

But i'd like to know for learning (and solve, why not) why there's slowdown at the log of session !

P.S. : You know, the translator in Dashboard is so USEFULL :D :D :D
Hurrah! for TIGER !