Virtual PC Backup when upgrading.


My friend wants to upgrade his Powerbook to Tiger, I have recommended he do a clean install just to make sure it's all hunky dory and to back up first.

Apparently, the only thing he is concerned about are his virtual PC settings. He has quite a bit of Banking/Finance software that requires digital certificates in IE for Windows.

If he simply copies the VPC 'List' that's in his Documents folder, will this contain all of the necessary files, or are they stored somewhere else?

The certificates, if he obtained them inside one of his virtual machines, should be stored inside the virtual machine.

I would recommend backing up all the virtual machine files (the actual VirtualPC files that contain the operating systems) and the associated Virtual PC .plist file in /Library/Preferences or ~/Library/Preferences.

BTW, I also second your opinion on a fresh install of Tiger.