VNC error while connecting from Windows PC to Mac?


I have UltraVNC on Windows XP and am trying to connect to Macs running OS OS X v10.5.x. I have Screen Sharing turned on and a VNC password assigned on the Macs, however when I try to connect to the Mac I get an error , the message is "WriteExact: Socket error while writing."
What is the problems here? How to resolve this problem and Remotely connect my Mac OS X from a Windows XP computer successfully?

Please someone help on this.




U.S.D.A. Prime
Ensure that your VNC viewer program is set up to use 8-bit color (or "full color" in some viewers).

Mac OS X doesn't support VNC connections that use anything less than 8-bit color. You will need to use Apple's Remote Desktop software to connect to Macs and view their screens using less than 8-bit color.


Thanks, worked for me. Had the same problem with RealVNC. Default was 8 bit but it didn't work, had to use full color etc to get the screen running