Voice Over?


I was listening to my iTunes music when I connected a USB card reader to my Mac and I was surprised a voice said a USB device connected and the same happened when I ejected/disconnected it. As far as I know Voice Over is off on my early 2012 Mac mini 10.8.4. When i turned on VO (Command+Option+F5) the voice was female, the voice I've been hearing is male. Is there a way to turn this voice off?


You likely have some other software installed that can easily be set to generate voice alerts.
What you hear is likely that you have installed Growl - or you have installed some software that INCLUDES Growl.
Growl notifies you of a large variety of actions (such as plugging in a flash drive, etc), and can be set to pop up a notification window, or can also talk to you. Detecting hardware connection (and dis-connection) is a very common use for Growl.
Growl is independent of VoiceOver.
I find the voice reporting handy, but you should be able to turn that off, so you only get a popup window. You may have a system pref pane installed for growl, or you'll need to find out what software you have installed that includes Growl, and that may have the setting that you want to change.