Volume stuck at max, why?


Whenever I use my keyboard to adjust volume, the volume stays at the highest level. When I decrease it a few steps, the volume stays the same. How do I fix this?
- Does any feedback appear onscreen, to show you that you are pressing the keys?
- Are you using an Apple keyboard with volume control keys, or if not, what type of keyboard is it?
Yes, I am using a G4 Mac keyboard, with volume control buttons. When I press the volume up or down keys, the graphic appears, showing me that the volume is allegedly going up and down, however the volume remains the same.
As you are named Perseus, just click the button to lower the volume, then pull out Medusa's head and the volume will turn to stone at the level at which you set it.
One thing we don't know is what kind of Macintosh it is! What exact model is it? Does it support OS X natively, or did you use XPostFacto to help install OS X?
Hmmm... that's strange. Is it the internal speaker that's doing this, or do you have a set of external speakers connected? Can you try with different sets of speakers, no speakers, etc. and see if the results are different?