WD Caviar not good?


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Has anyone heard about WD Caviar HDs dying young?
i was about to buy one and a friend told me that he had eight, (yes, eight) WD Caviars that died of a problem in the logic board.

Any reports on that?

any help will be much appreciated.
I still have around 30 WesternDigital Caviar discs that still work fine. They are at least 10 years old and only 2-4gb big. Hope this helps.
I think most computer users/techs have their preferences and horror stories about particular brands of hard drives. All brands have their problems, and all brands can have a good history with a particular computer.
I would not let a hard drive fail 8 times because of a 'problem in the logic board' Two or three failures, and the logic board gets replaced (or a new PCI IDE controller card) I have had a few W-D drives fail, but all were within warranty, and replaced by W-D.
Personally, I like Seagate, but I have a friend who will not use Seagate because of troubles he has experienced. I have had no troubles.
Sometimes, it's just pure bad luck...
I've personally always gone with Seagate - very quiet, fast, and never any trouble - at least for me anyway. A friend of mine recently got a Western Digital 80GB - (even after I recommended Seagate) - but it was $15 dollars cheaper at the time. After setting it up for her I couldn't believe both how noisy and slow it was in comparison to my own 2 year old Seagate 80GB. There and then, I passed judgement - and wouldn't be surprised to hear others complain... My 2 cents is get a Seagate (and no, I don't work for them...)
I'm a fan of the Seagate drives too. The ones I won't touch are Maxtors, never had anything but problems from them. The WDs I've had have usually worked alright, but I have had 2 die for no apparent reason.

My younger brother works for a division of UPS's logistics and swears that WDs are the devil incarnate. They evidentially have nothing but issues with them and the Dells they put them in. That goes back to what DeltaMac said...everyone has had their own experiences with them and each has a differing opinion.
yes but i've read few good things about WD in this thread.... most of you are talking about seagate......

anyway thank you all very much for the feedback
i'll let you know what happens
I've been pretty happy with WD. Had one fail on me, years ago (I think it was a 300 meg drive or something). I've had several Maxtors fail on me, and will never buy one again. My last HD purchase was a Seagate, and it seems quieter than my WD drive. Perhaps a little slower, but not by much.

I'd have no worries buying a WD or Seagate drive, but I sure wouldn't buy a Maxtor.