We have to pay for 10.1!!!

Some people are saying that Steve Jobs mentioned it would be a free updgrade during his keynote, anyone here this? I sure hope so!

I don't know why you are so upset for. I just finished watching the Keynote and we don't have to pay for it. You only have to pay for it if you want the CD and for shipping and handling. 10.1 <u>IS</u> free. We all can download it once it's available. Even though this wasn't the most impressive MacWorld, it was good enough and it made me happy.

But he said it was available via download too, and if they charge me shipping hand handling for that I'll scream bloody murder!
Bother. We can't just download it for free? I guess we won't know for sure until September.

With all those new G4's shipping with cd burners and OS X, this shouldn't be a prob...

(software piracy is evil, don't do it, just make jokes about it...)
I think I'll let my friend download it and give it to me on a Zip lol. That's what I did with the 9.1 update:D
600MB? I guess they're not releasing an "upgrade" for it so much as a new install CD.

Okay, so I pay 20 bucks. No problem.

There had still better be a download version of 10.1. I don't care if it is 600 MB; that's what cable modems are for. If I have to, I'll just download it and write it to a CD.
On Apple's Mac OS X site:
Mac OS X version 10.1 will be available in September. An upgrade CD will be available to current Mac OS X users through the Mac OS Up-to-Date program.

This says "though the Mac OS Up-to-Date program". And didn't it say on Apple's site a while ago that you were a member of the 'Up-to-Date program' if you had bought a qualifying Mac? Doesn't that mean that those of us who just purchased Mac OS X though the Apple store (or something else) will have to pay for shipping and the actual code itself?! So it might be more like $50!!! (I'm getting a little worked up.) I sure hope I'm wrong, $20 is bad enough...
I would rather get the CD - I hate re-installing the frigging updates everytime I give my machine a good clean, give me one clean install anytime, even if it costs some money for a nice sleeve and printed CD.
Hmm, shipping anywhere in the U.S. should be NO MORE than $7.00 or so. That leaves $13.00 for "handling".

Am I the only one that thinks $20.00 S&H for a "free" upgrade is a tad bit insulting to our intelligence here?


Some (not all) of you people get right up my nose.
Moaning about a $20 upgrade charge.

You all bought Mac OS X. You didn't have to. If you're an early adopter (like me) (person type a) then you accept the OS in whatever condition it arrives on your doorstep. If not then you look at the reviews on sites like this, hear everyone telling you it's slow and either buy it anyway and accept the slow performance (person type b) you wait until they make it faster (person type c).

It's no good moaning about it now. If you're happy about the speed then don't bother to upgrade. Simple. If you're unhappy about the current speed then you must be in camp a (above) in which case you'll be happy to pay the $20. If you're person type b then you don't mind it being slow and you decide whether the other enhancements warrant a $20 for you. If you're person type c then you buy 10.1 when it comes out (at the same price as 10.0 was when it came out) but only after reading reviews of it and deciding if the performance is sufficient for your needs.

Everyone just please quit your whining.

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Everyone just please quit your whining.


i agree. whining will not help.

what i'm wondering is how are we going to get the update? do we use one of the software coupons included in the box? do we show a receipt? what do we do? where do we go to get the update? how long will users in europe (me) have to wait? will it ship only from cupertino or will i get my copy from somewhere over here? who knows. not much info on the apple site anyway ...

but 10.1 looks ragingly good ... :)
Originally posted by bradders
Everyone just please quit your whining.


If Apple allows us the option to download the update or buy the CD I will be happy. If they force us to pay money for an upgrade that shouldobviously be available to all OSX users, it is an outrage. I own an airport base station, I have a DVD drive should I have to pay to use what I have already payed for? NO!

Brad - Why don't you tell women and minorities to stop whinning about injustices they face everyday? It is more than just the $20 fee, it is the principle and if we let this go, it will get only worse.

So many posts for nothing...
I saw the keynote and heard that Steve Jobs said that it would be a FREE update that will be avilable through Software Update.
And, of course, the update isn' 600 MB! I guess it's a place between 30-100 MB. 100 MB should take only about 4-5 hours from a stable server at a 56 k modem!