We have to pay for 10.1!!!


Old Rhapsody User
Glad to have you back!

It comes out in Sept. I have already desided not to have my Friday night pizza that week to pay for 10.1 (the sacrifices we make for technology, I'll call it my X diet plan).:D


Simply Daemonic
Thanks :)

If it's only the cost of a pizza why the heck is everyone complaining??? lol :p ....

I spent very little $$$ in greece. Stayed with a good friend, and then with some family, so the only $$$ I spent was for some duty free stuff and expenses for going out night after night after night (and day after day after day lol :p .... I probably was home only for sleep :p :p :p ) ....

aaahhh vacation... now how to get over it? :confused:

Going by ebay now :p see if I can get over it by speninding some hard earned dough.