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I am currently working on an assingment in web design usin DHTML. It requires me to use internet explorer specific fillters which do things such as flip the content, or change the Opacity. The problem I am having is that my version 5.2.3 does not want to render it. I have used it on a pc version and it work as it should so I know that it is working. I also can bypass it since it is for a university course and am wanting to do well. Is there any way around this.

Ps I also found what I believe to be a spelling mistake in the website. One of the password recovery questions asks what is your favourite childhook books.
True -- Internet Explorer for Mac has been deemed "end of life" and is no longer being developed by Microsoft for Mac OS X.

Using the Mac version of Internet Explorer is a poor way to judge Internet Explorer compatibility, as the PC version of IE and the Mac version of IE never carried the same feature-set in their history.

Pretty much the only way to test IE compatibility is to fire up IE on an actual PC (or inside of VirtualPC with Windows).