Web Hosts Recommendations ??


I'm looking for an inexpensive (or free?) web host with lots of space for uploading images. Any recommendations? Thanks.

-- vjamacaddict, G4 iBook, OS X 10.3.9, Bluetooth, Superdrive
Thanks for your suggestion. Another person recommended Dreamhost. Do you know anything about Dreamhost? They are having a special for only $10.00/year. $3.95/year is even a good price!

I want to find a webhost that has a good record, and is reliable. I've been using AngelFire since 1997, and have been pleased with their service, and easy to use uploading features.

-- vjamacaddict, G4 iBook, OS X 10.3.9, Bluetooth, Superdrive
A Small Orange is an excellent choice. $30/yr gets you 75MB of disk space, 3GB of bandwidth, unlimited MySQL DBs, PHP, unlimited POP e-mail accounts, unlimited subdomains, unlimited add-on domains, full cPanel control, SSH, etc. $60/yr bumps that up to 400MB of disk space and 10GB of bandwidth. Their service has been rock solid and their support is amazing. I'm really happy with them.

MacOSX.com is another really good choice, for obvious reasons. $50/yr for 500MB of storage and 10GB of bandwidth plus the extras: Website Hosting.