Does anybody know what webcams can be used with OSX? (short question - hoping for short answers)

Can anybody tell me anything about iSpQ by the way?
I owned a Kensington cheap-o cam that worked fine in OS 9, but I could not, for the life of me, find a way to get it to work under OS X. I thought that the Image Capture application may provide some sort of support, but alas, I couldn't find anything that would help me.

I think, in order to get the camera to work, you'd have to have an OS X specific application written for webcams...

I haven't had a chance to mess around and see if it works under 10.1, though... as of 10.0.4, I hadn't found a way to use it other than to boot back into OS 9.
Well, I've been looking for a driver for linux quickcam (parallel port) and it looks like there are all sort of problems. Companies not opening up there interfaces...

Also been checking out samsung anycam drivers for mac OS X and the only reference is to mac 8.6 so they are living in the past.

I get the feeling these guys core business PC and screwed is anybody else.

Maybe if the linux guys sort it out a port could come along.....!
If you have a firewire cam then you are all set. I use my DV camera via Firewire and an app called Cool Cam 2.0. It is OSX compatible.