I wanted to make a webpage but i dont know what software the OS x use's for this stuff... can someone help?
I'm guessing you aren't all too familiar with web dev to begin with, so if I'm wrong, I apologize.

That said, I'd recommend rapidweaver from realmacsoftware.com

Past that, I'm not sure what else makes web dev easy. You can always use things like dreamweaver from macromedia, but it costs an arm and a leg and generally is overkill for what most non pros need.

When all else fails, you should probably check out a few tutorials and fire up a plain old text editor.
The Composer module in Netscape or Mozilla is not a bad place to start building a web page. It has the distinct advantage of being free as well. If you are planning on using .Mac to host your site, they have a decent online web site builder that integrates smoothly with your .Mac account and is very automatic but produces decent results. Most ISPs that provide site hosting with their accounts have similar online site builder tools. Like Composer they are a no cost feature of the service.

If you plan to get semi-serious about web site building you need to spend some time at your local library or money at your local bookstore and read up on the technologies and techniques. O'Reilly Press and Peachpit Press both have good introductory books available.