Websharing not accessible from external


I wanted to publish a simple website on my mac. So I activated web sharing and the folder with the website worked fine from the network under the address given.

But all my friends cant access that page under that adress, me either from a different computer. So it seems to only work in an intranet?

What have I done wrong?

Thanks so much for any help...
Are you behind a router/firewall? Have you opened/forwarded the correct web sharing ports to the web server computer? Are you using the WAN address instead of the LAN address?

Can you be more specific about the setup?
thanks for your reply.

Okay, first i dont have any firewall setup.
All i did was activating the web sharing and using the address below in that window to access the URL.
Which worked fine from all computers in the LAN.

What would be the right sharing ports and where do i set that up? And how do i know the difference of using the WAN od the LAN address?
If you're on a network where everyone shares internet access, then you're almost surely behind a router. You need to configure the router to forward port 80 (TCP) to your machine's local network IP (the IP you use to access the page from within the network -- the same one you're using now).

Then, you need to figure out your public, or WAN, IP address. You can go here:
...and your WAN IP address will be in blue.

Once you forward the port from the router (ask the IT person if you don't have access) and figure out your public IP, then you will be able to access the site from "outside."

When accessing from the outside, simply substitute your public IP for the IP you were using before when you try to view the web page... for example, if you were previously using then use http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/~someuser, where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the number in blue you got from that web page.