Websites Hosted On Mac Os X, Domain Name Not Resolving


True Defiance


I'll try to be as detailed as possible. We have a Small Business company. About 50 Windows Systems, and 1 PowerMac G5 with OS X 10.3.9, and i host websites on this Mac which has the Apache Web Server, PHP5 etcetera. I use ZoneEdit.Com for DNS.

We have Time Warner Cable Internet for the company.
The Internet comes into the Time Warner Cable Modem, from where it goes directly into the Symantec Firewall VPN 100, from where it goes to the Patch Hub and distributes across the computers.

In the Symantec Firewall VPN Appliance administration, i have defined the Mac system to have "No Restrictions", that is, no filters, ports, packets... nothing! Absolutely no restrictions so that it's able to network to and fro without any problems & roadblocks.

Here's the problem. I cannot open the websites that i have hosted on my Mac with their domain names. I can access them using 'localhost' or the local IP in the browser, but if i type in ... it doesn't open, just doesn't work. All other systems are able to access the domain names and no other system has any such problem. Only the Mac, which actually hosts the sites, is unable to open the website with it's actual domain name.

Interestingly, if i Ping the domain name from my Mac, it does give me a reply back. Yet, it doesn't open the website.

I just don't know what to do, why it's doing this.

Any help would be appreciated.