Weird File Extensions


This is what i got and i want to put it together into one nice moive :p
one of the files at then end is the whole movie in plain text.
But im not sure what to do now XD



U.S.D.A. Prime
Those are segmented RAR files.

Search for a program to "unrar" them. You'll want to "unrar" the .r00 file, and the program will see the rest of the files and unrar them as well.

StuffIt Deluxe also handles segmented RAR files.

This forum is also not an "immediate answer" kind of forum -- it's staffed by volunteers just like yourself, and just because someone does not post an answer within an hour doesn't mean that no one knows what to do. Be patient, and you will receive an answer in time.


i have both the programs, but i will look again. You guys have helped me before and i do happen to know alot about UNIX and OSX so i might think of becomming an active member on this site.

well it basicly will not work im getting desprate, someone want to do i chat screen share? XD
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RAR expander will work.

Another tip: If you are looking for help, perhaps it's unwise to show that you are requesting it put together a pirated movie (the Death Race 2008 – the new remake of the classic Death Race 200).