Weird sound problem... :\


A few nights ago I noticed that when I plugged in headphones to my Mac (iMac, OS 10.2.8) that the left one wasn't working.
Well I thought it was just something wrong with the headphones themselves, but today the left speaker also stopped working.

BUT when I switch my computer on, the start up sound comes through both the left and right speakers.
And my headphones work fine with my iPod, so it mustn't be because of them.

This is just really annoying me and if anyone has any idea what might be wrong I would really appreciate the help. Thanks.

Oh, sorry if this isn't the correct forum btw..
I had a similar problem in Jaguar, where the balance control would be in a random position. This was fixed in Panther, but now in Tiger I find the balance always being off again, and it's really irritating :mad: