weird ''stripes'' on 3GS screen !?..


Hi Guys

for some reason i have no clue about, my trusty iPhone 3GS has started showing these lines or stripes horizontally across its screen.
in everyday use they don't REALLY interfere but they ARE annoying & i'm afraid if left unattended they might develop into something worse ?
if the screen background is clear ( white, tray, etc.. depending on app used ) the lines display as black & vice versa - very odd....


as you can see on the attached photo, i chose to photograph the iPhone's screen just before it disconnects so you can clearly see the lines

does anyone have ANY idea why this is happening ? & how to cure it if possible...

any help will be VERY welcome, many thanks in advance




hi DeltaMac

& talk about a comprehensive answer with a link to a directory & all !! many thanks...

since i already had some positive experience with them in the past because of my iMac, i'll start with Newteq in Lagoa see what they say

now, if it's ''only'' a screen replacement, would you think it's worth checking out the ones on offer at or they don't really measure up to the original ones ?

again many thanks


I don't really have experience with repairing iPhones.
That's why my first thought was to suggest taking your phone to a shop that can quickly tell you what you want to know.
You can certainly find out how much a repair will cost.
If you don't like the cost, check with another shop.
Compare with Amazon prices, if you like.