Weird web performance issue "solved" -- maybe...


In Safari => Preferences => Security there is the 2nd option from the top "Hide IP address". Right now, it has a pull down with two choices of "from Trackers and Websites" and a 2nd option of "From Trackers Only". In the text, there is a link "Learn more..." which pops you over to System Preferences => Apple ID => iCloud where you see an option (3rd from the top for me) of "Private Relay (Beta)".

It appears to me that if the option in Safari is on and the option in System Preferences is off, your Safari performance sometimes (but not always) goes to pot. It has plagued me for the past few months. Random problems where web sites take forever to load and often fail.

I believe also that the System Preferences option also affects Mail. I saw this because I don't want other content loaded -- ever. If I do, I want to go click a button that says "Load remote content". I've been told (and thus naively believe) that spammers put unique links per email so if the link is used, they know that the email that contained it got to its destination and hence the email is valid and therefor, open the spam flood gates. Of course... all that could be pasta sauce.

I'm not currently ambitious enough to toggle these things through all the different combinations and test what happens but I thought I would post this and see if others agree, disagree, can clarify a bit, etc. Also... it usually take me about an hour to track down where these two options hide and now I can just find this post and it will remind me.
The clue to poor performance -> "Private Relay (Beta)". - Beta sometimes works, most of the time it is only in testing phase which means it is a crap shoot. I do not use anything that says beta.

As for the links in the emails... Yes, depending on what program they use to send the email and how detailed their work is ..those links could very well have a feedback to the sender using a count of how many times their link was accessed via the email. I am not sure it has markers on it pointing to the person's email. I get emails from CNN (alerts and newsletters) which has the marker in the link that it was from their email.

Just don't click on links from questionable emails. In fact, I don't open those unasked for emails.
Yea. But part of my point is that there seems to be more problems when the beta thing is turned off. That's why I had it off in the first place. Which is fine ... if you turn off the matching "Hide IP address" -- I guess based upon my experience over the past two months or so.