Western Digital MyPassport external works only upside down


This is the second "replacement" from WD on this... this last replacement actually was a good deal, since they were replacing a 750g with a terabyte (since the 750 was no longer made). However, the consistent thing about this external drive for backing up with Time Machine is it doesn't always work.

It's been about a year now and, more often than not, sometime throughout the day I'll heard the whirrrrrrrrr, thunk.....whirrrrrrrr, think.......whirrrrrrrrr, thunk.....

I turn it over and it mounts.

If I leave it upside down it seems to work properly.

So, obviously the answer is "leave it upside down" but I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me as to what it's doing?


(PS Tuckerdog, the photo I have here, is from my 15-year-old flat coat/border collie who passed away at home Monday, June 18th...he'll continue to live on as Tuckerdog however......)
Unusual noises from a hard drive are never good news.
Your hard drive "sounds" like it's failing.
Get it replaced - I suspect that the "upside-down" trick will probably stop working at some point, as the hard drive gets worse.
Guess it's time to give up on external hard drives, especially WD. That would be the third (this was a warrantied replacement) in probably just a little more than four years. At that rate I might as well buy Carbonate at $60/year. :)
My opinion (for what it's worth :D) : You have just had a run of bad luck, and not necessarily a general statement that you can make about WD. I haven't ever had problems with WD drives, at least for my personal use. But, I always put a hard drive of my choice in an external case, also of my choice - I don't rely on what the case supplier chooses to use for a brand of hard drive. I'm hoping my next replacement will be cheap enough to get an SSD, rather than a spinning hard drive, for my primary backup.