What have I done?


Some how, some way, I've created a divider in ALL folders; as shown.
I've tried everything to remove, and cannot. I've been through 'Get info', and View. Cannot remove it.
I can drag the divider to the right, but it returns, and applies to ALL folders.

I need a forehead slap hint please.Screen Shot.jpg
Hmm... Not sure...
Can you show a screen shot of a folder that has content?
How does it change in list view?
If you can drag the divider to the the right - can you drag to the left? to the left border?
Here's a shot of a folder with content. (Hard to fine one with innocuous content)
List view is identical. I can drag all the way to the right, but returns on reopening.
I can drag to the left to almost half way only, and all folders will stay that way.

What pref file might control this? I could delete it and restart if that would work.Screen Shot.jpg
Cool! I have never tried the preview pane until just now. Ya learn something new every day (or I do, anyway)