What If There's No New Macpro Announced On 27th October ?


Does anyone think that even if Apple decide not to deliver a new update to the current MacPro on the 27th October, that this could be the end for the MacPro or could November delivery a surprise update...?

I have been waiting three years now... I have a MacPro 2 x 2.93 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon Mid 2010 with 500GB SSD plus 64GM RAM with QTY 3 x 3TB internal drives running macOS Sierra. It's still a great machine.... but there have been OS improvements over the years that aren't compatible with my machine and there have been many advancement in SSD technology, RAM and graphic cards... so a new machine would be a great boost to my graphic design / web design / large format design business.

Any comments most welcome.

Wait....my crystal ball is clearing..... Good things come to those who wait. :D
There's always the "dark side" which seems more then willing to support your needs both with top quality highly customizable hardware and a first rate operating system, if you can believe the masses..
Well there is your answer. No upgrades to any Mac desktop! Plenty of price increases. Maybe next year.
I would rather they get it right, than push it out the door quickly.
Given that I'm a laptop user and may not understand, BUT:
Who cares what a MacPro looks like or what size it is--it'll be mostly out of sight!

IMHO, Apple should throw in top of the line components, over kill on cooling and power supply, insulate it to be quiet, and make it run like a 'scalded rabbit'!
(No animals were injured in my statement)