What is eveyone's Fav. Games?


4down Productions
Escape from Monkey Island I like, been a fan of the series for since MI1
also thps2 is super smooth on my machine...some of the shooting games are pretty good too...Rogue Spear, Urban Terror...

What do you all think?

Tough Question... I have a lot...

Classic game (from computer): Chaos Engine (on the amiga)
Classic Game From Console: Super Mario & Zelda (snes)
Game now: Diablo II (w/ expansion)
Since OS X came out (and I installed it) I couldn't play some of my favorite games, but I'll list them anyway:

The Sims
Black & White (PC Emulation)
Unreal Tournament
Quake 3 Arena
Rouge Spear
Madden NFL 2000
Madden NHL 2001
Dues Ex
Elite Force
Age Of Empires
Links LS 2000
Rainbow Six
MechWarrior 2 
Warcraft II

That's about it for today. :)
spme of my favs were, Sam & Max, The Leisure Suit Larry Series, and Kings Quest....all great games...would love to see them return and updated for OSX!!!

The quake3 mod Urban Terror is just plain awesome (urbanterror.net)

Also, I'm having a fun time with the Wolf MP test...
Ever tried playing StarCraft in classic? It runs as if it was carbon!!! It's so smooth, no glitches...I love it!

I gotta find someplace to download the Wolf MP test. :D
When i play starcraft under classic, the cursor gets messed up and most of the time the sound doesnt work. But the sound should be fixed after i do a clean install.
In all honesty, Deus Ex is the one that randomly pops in my head, as if they were scenes in a really long movie. I'd go through it all again, but I just don't have the time.
Deus Ex had some of the most asskicking gameplay ever. Think back to that one mission where you start out with nothing, after being captured. That was SO FUN! wow... I really did feel like a spy should, in that mission... no big weapons, just smarts! And, of course, it was also fun to go rock on all those guards with the sniper rifle after I got my gear back :D
I mainly loved it because it had a great plot, and being able to develop skills really changed things. I never developed my rifle skills the first time, but I could steal money from an ATM, break in to computers with clues, and set the turrets to work for me, all in the blink of an eye. You could play everything so differently. I think I took down everyone with the crossbow when I got my weapons back there. Ahh...good times, good times.
My favorite all time game is Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64). I wish they made games like this for mac. As for on mac... I love extreme sports games too, so THPS2, but I'd have to say Blizzard makes some awesome games... ones that I buy, then play for YEARS.
Originally posted by Jadey
My favorite all time game is Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64).

Can you spell Emulator?
I play Zelda Ocarina of Time every day on my computer. :)
I used sixty force on my B&W G35 @ 350 a while back but it sucks... its slow, frames drop...urgh :p

what do you use ? version ?
LOL I;ve been frequenting emulation.net ever since it was made :cool: I have almost every single emulator on there:cool:
Originally posted by AdmiralAK
LOL I;ve been frequenting emulation.net ever since it was made :cool: I have almost every single emulator on there:cool:

Do you have a palm one? I can't seem to get it to work for me. :(
I have a m100 in real life, but the emulator just doesn't work...and the files that are required I can't find anywhere on the net.
I have the palm one --
In order to maek the emulator work you need to get a ROM file from a palm....or from the net ;) lol :p Mine is working :) (although its ROM version 3..or maybe 2.xxx)

Admiral: Where did you get your palm ROM at? Could you PM me a link? Pweeese?

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