What software can create mini adverts easily?


I'm thinking of doing a DVD for a friend of mine who owns his own barber shop. He'd like to be able to offer local businesses a way to advertise their businesses on his lcd screen in his waiting room. I was thinking of using imovie for ease, anyone else think there's a better option. I wantto ensure I can change text and image easily as I need to keep the costs down as local businesses won't have huge budgets.
Are you talking actual video, as in like TV commercials; or more along the lines of rotating static images (like billboards or newspapers)?
It depends on what kind of media the clients are going to supply -- like mdnky said: images? Video? Photographs to be scanned?

I would say edit some simple looping QuickTime movies in FCP or iMovie, then set QuickTime Pro to loop the movies, viewing full-screen. Keeping the original project files around would then allow you to easily add new clients to the looping video in the future.
Before I forget why I asked that...(it's been one of those days...::sleepy::)

If it was static stuff, you could possibly do it in Keynote then export to a QT movie and play that full screen. You could also use the slideshow feature of Preview for images (make an image for each 'slide' you want) or PDFs. All depends on the content and what type of machine is connected to the LCD.