what the excutable for mac?

i think any 1 with a mac should know this but i dont so can someone please tell me whats the ext. for a excutable on mac i dont have a mac computer

-The installer executable for a Mac system. I believe that Windows uses the same .exe in both installers and applications.
so why would someone who doesn't have a mac need to know, specifically, what the executables are for a mac? i'm thinkin' trojan?
.wdgt files are technically data. If you remember, all widgets work on MacOS X/86 out of the box. This means that they are executed by a runtime interpreter.
Widgets are based on JavaScript. They are not compiled, so no, they are not programs. They're just files that are interpreted by Dashboard.

Application packages (packages are folders that contain a bunch of relevant files, which appear as and act like files in the Finder) have .app extensions. Self-contained applications, like those used in Mac OS 9, don't use file name extensions, but instead use the Mac OS type code "APPL".