What was the scariest movie you've seen?


I am a horror movie junkie, so it takes A LOT for a movie to scare me. The scariest movie I've seen was Splinter. That movie creeped me out to the core with the monster's neck snapping movements and bone breaking disfigurements.


I watched the wrong turn 4 a few months ago really i am scare to watch this movie which interesting part in this movie this is based on story killing real human.This scary movie i never seen in my life.


In Geostationary Orbit
The original Jaws! Saw it in a driver-in when my parents couldn't find a sitter. That movie made me not swim in the Ocean until I was stationed in the South Pacific, had no choice.

Now as an adult I realize that the most deadly shark in North America is the Bull Shark. Heck it was a Bull that caused the The USA.


Hello guys !!!!!!!!!!

My scariest movie seen by me was paranomial activity 3!!!!!!!!!

Ohh my God i even cannot see this movie fullll!!!!!!