What was this all about #2

I might as well branch this off of my previous post "What was that all about"; except this time it was much worse. I had put my Mini on sleep mode (left monitor on), came back... tapped a spacebar to wake it like I always do, and I heard "click","click","click" (about 6 time) from the monitor and then a message "Invalid Scan Freq." I turned off the monitor and then turned off the Mac by holding the power button. Bad idea. I turn the monitor, and then the Mac back on.... and I see the flashing question mark/finder icon. So, I shut it off with the power button again, dig through my drawer looking for the OS X cd. Found it after about 10 minutes. Stuff like other CDs, papers, etc... were now all over the floor. I turn it on, insert the CD, turn it off, press the power button again, hold "C". And then I had to do the repair disk and repair permissions.

That was a fun night last night :mad:

It is working fine now. finally.

So; anybody else had this issue?
Probably a lot of people who improperly shut down their Macs -- OS X is very tempermental when it comes to shutdowns and startups. Critical disk reading and writing is done at these times, and if that process is interrupted or bypassed completely, it can cause a lot of system problems.

Glad you got it fixed!