What will the new iMacs look like?


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So far all the iMacs have looked the same. I don't think Apple's muttered a word about any kind of redesign on them, and I think we'll continue to see this kind of design for at least a year or more.

The rumors of flat-panel iMacs is simply that: rumor. No one has substantiated any kind of evidence surrounding this, so it is purely speculation without foundation.

I'm not saying that a flat-panel iMac is not possible; in fact, I think very possible. The iMac line has a lot of bang-for-the-buck at the moment, and I think that's where Apple wants to keep it -- they really can't increase the price of their low-end computer line, because I quite simply believe that Apple wants that kind of financial diversity among it's customers. iMac, iBook = cheap computers. G4 Tower, Ti Book = professional/high-end computers. Flat panel technology, at the moment, doesn't offer Apple the option of keeping their low-price iMac low-priced.

Of course, when I'm proved wrong in a month, I'll be back to eat my words... ;)


You're probably right about Apple not changing the design of its iMac models. I got my iMac because it was cheap and does everything I need and want to do. I'm just curious about what the new iMac will look like. Oh well, I just have to wait.

Are any of you using OS X as your main OS, I'm sure some or most of you are because I am seriously considering the purchase of X. Since I'm in school I can get it for $65. But my coworkers (graphic designers and digital video editors) keep telling me to wait until apps like Flash and Photoshop are carbonized. Any suggestions? Should I wait or jump right in?


I use Mac OS X as my full time OS at home and at work. At home, I never even have to start up classic. At work, I have to launch classic for photoshop. I use photoshop a lot, but I have optimized classic so it runs just as quickly then under plain 9, plus if it crashes, or classic crashes, none of my other applications are effected in X, but if I was running under 9, it might take down my entire machine.


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I'm using OS X as my full-time OS right now, and use the Classic environment sparingly. It does everything I need it to do, and then some.

Your friends are right about one thing: graphic designers don't have much of a reason to use OS X full-time right now. But that's absolutely NO reason not to buy it right now and start using it. If you wait until the apps you want are released for OS X to start using OS X, you're going to be playing catch-up a whole lot in learning how to navigate the new OS. I would highly recommend getting OS X now and installing it immediately. You can still use OS 9 to get work done, but you can play with OS X and start to get comfortable with it until you can make a full-time switch.
Like ElDiabloConCaca said-
Get it now, or you'll be late to the game.
I have been using X as my primary OS since before the first "final" release came out, and I have had no reason to not use it. Any apps not carbonized yet will be soon enough, and they work fine in classic.
I am really glad that I got X right away, because having a whole summer to play with it as it developed not only has helped me become a proffecient user, it has helped me to appreciate all the work that has gone into it, and just how great it really is. This is the MacOS of the future- learn it now and stay ahead, or learn it later after falling behind; either way you will have to buy it, use it, learn it, live it.

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Quanta Receives Order From Apple to Make Desktops, Paper Says
By George Hsu

"Taipei, Dec. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Quanta Computer Inc., Taiwan's largest notebook-computer maker, received an order from Apple Computer Inc. to manufacture a new model of iMac desktop computers, the Economic Daily News said, without citing anyone."

"The order for more than a million iMacs a year starting in the first quarter of 2002 is Quanta's first contract to produce desktop computers for another company, the paper said. Quanta already makes the machines under its own brand name."

"In January in San Francisco, Apple Chief Executive Officer Steven Jobs will introduce the new model, fitted with a 15-inch liquid crystal display, the paper said."

Looks like a flat panel iMac may be in the works...

click that link for the full story: http://quote.bloomberg.com/fgcgi2.cgi?T=marketsquote99_news.ht&s=APBAPshW0UXVhbnRh


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"In January in San Francisco, Apple Chief Executive Officer Steven Jobs will introduce the new model, fitted with a 15-inch liquid crystal display, the paper said."

Isn't it just a new iBook.... a journalist may have missintepreted iMac.


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Going back to the OSX thing......

I swiched over to X when they released 10.1 and I love it. I was afraid it would be too slow on my 266 iMac but it really isn't and its so crash resistant. I litterally haven't had to restart my computer because of a crash.

My room mate was my project and when he swiched over to Mac from his Windows machine he decided to start up in OSX and hasn't ever booted in classic. In fact he has deleated all the OS 9 system files. I think that if a person can get along alright on all X its worth at least installing on every mac user's computer for the stability at least. Classic seems like it would be to akward but it really isn't and once I get a carbonized version of Photoshop I will probably toss OS 9 too. Thats just my two cents worth and I hope it helps you decide :)