What would you like Apple to make for your computing goodness?


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I would like to know what everyone thinks would an excellent addition to the Apple line up. Whether it be new or replaced machines or new digital hub element, it doesn't matter. What would be you ideal? Your dream? Your thought of what Apple needs?


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I think we might be ready for a PDA based on the iPod's hard-drive and fire-wire, with an airport slot, and I can't wait to see the device that Wozniak's company is putting together.


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i have two votes:


i'd prefer that really fast Ghz-speed wireless networking that Cringely was talking about last week.


and, if apple could please put it in laptops, desktops and their new PDA (look, in my fantasy, it exists), that would be totally rad.

i want to remove all cables and cords from my life.


i'd love a powerbook designed so that its screen could flip all the way around to the back somehow, so that i could then use a stylus and use it as a drawing pad.

this would be a huge hit with the artist-types that use macs, generally.

anyone else?


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Originally posted by AdmiralAK
One phrase...
Bring back the newton :D
My sentiments exactly! I'm looking for a Newton to buy, anyway, but that would be so rad if Apple re-released it with USB/FireWire connections and updated software for Mac OS X. People would FLOCK to the platform, based on the awesome, awesome, AWESOME handwriting recognition and the Newton assistant.


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I would drop a grand on an Apple PDA with audio recording and playback...

I don't even care about color... hell... I barely want color. Just make it functional and I make it this summer.


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A PDA! Whodathunkit!

I personally would benefit from a Mac PDA that could act like a PocketPC. Operate some lite versions of Mac apps. Also, act as a HD. 20HD would be good. Forget USB2, I want Firewire. It should have mp3 capabilities. Recording and Playback. It must have everything a Palm has ie calendar, address book. I would love to take this with me everywhere. I am waiting for the bus, I can play Pocket Myth or review the Flash project that I am working on and make notes while listening to some Bela Fleck or Earl Scruggs. Of course it has to have ethernet so I can plug in my TCP/IP info and be able to plug in anywhere to get email, browse the web. Color screen a definite must. It HAS to be like the Clie or better.

Apple could come out with the greatest PDA ever. Take the Newton and make it work in the 21st century.


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I would love a PDA! Nuff Said really!
I know several people with pocket PC's, I currently have a Palm (sucks!), however the PocketPC's are very very cool; I might have to buy one here very soon if Apple doesn't get it together and release a PDA similar in features of running lite apps (airport internet/email/organizer-perhaps even msoffice?) running Palm-AquaX would be soooo cool!

Common Apple! Everybody's waiting!!!


Why not sell motherboards, upgradecards, OS for expandable systems without activation. You will receive deserters.

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Haw about a tower that undisputedly beats the crap out of the high end x86 models? Just one more complaint against apple, down the drain....

Hard to say macs are toys when they're pusing more numbers than any other computer.


It looks like the PDA yea-sayers have it here. I still lug (!) around a Newton (plus an iPaq) - yes I'm a masochist (and yes,except for available software, Palm sucks).
So why the hell is Steve, the undeniable sadist, so intent on holding out on us!!!


Originally posted by banjo_boy
What would be you ideal? Your dream? Your thought of what Apple needs?
How about a bigger speed boost for OS X?

Seriously, I booted back into OS 9.2 this evening (something I haven't done in about 4 months) and I've totally forgotten how freakin FAST, and responsive, it was. Reminds me of the speed difference I experienced when upgrading from a 603e-150 to a G3-266 under OS 8.5. I've lost more time in waiting for things to happen under OS X, then all the crash downtime I might have had under OS 9.

Sure, I've only crashed mabey twice in the past 4 months, but I find myself always waiting for things to happen (programs to respond, windows to open or resize) under OS X. And It's not like I'm running a slow Mac either (G4-500 w/1gig of ram).

Upgrades should NOT be this painful.

Apple, Gimmie my responsive system back!!!


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1. Definitely a faster OS X...although it probably has something to do with my specs, I really wish the new system worked as quick as 9 did on my powerbook

2. A powerbook with the following features:

multiple CD capacity...sort of like a CD changer...would make my life a lot easier...also would make single drive CD burning a cinch...

could play music CD's or run itunes with the lid closed...then put a small panel and controls at the edge of the book (I know it is a bit PC like, but that is a good feature in my opinion :rolleyes: ) ...that way I could study and listen to music without having to look at the screen or use the trackpad...

keys that have backlighting as an option...

a scroll wheel above the trackpad...

and that was a good idea that suzerain had...a powerbook with a "tablet" mode would be a godsend...especially if there were a pressure sensitive stylus included...

3. And of course...an Apple branded PDA that ran OS X sofware, had mp3 capabilities and the storage capacity of an iPod

...I'm not asking for too much, am I? ;)


A subnotebook under three pounds would be cool. I wonder if when Steve said they won't do a PDA maybe he left the door open for something a little bigger like a pocket peecee? With an active screen you can write on with a stylus so it could double as a tablet. FW, USB1, video out, headphone ports.

Faster OS X would definitely be great. They can bring back popup folders, spring loaded folders, the application menu and USB printing while they are at it.


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But, how about an Apple web browser? I'm sick of waiting for some browser to become better than IE, and it's just not happening, which is pathetic because I think IE kinda sucks. OmniWeb is too slow and all the other browsers are just not done. Sigh... I guess right now I'm holding out for Chimera, aka Cocoazilla, to get a little more done. It looks promising.

Aside from that, well, faster OS X would be nice, and spring-loaded folders were indeed very handy and still would be, especially with the one-window navigation we've got going now.

I'd say I want a PDA but I don't really. I know I wouldn't buy it. I just don't have the lucre.

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my needs are quite simple.


lol ;-)

Of course I would like a new newton but that wont happen any time soon :p


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Let's see. The high end right now is the following:

Dual 1-GHz PowerPC G4
256K L2 cache
& 2MB L3 cache/processor
1.5GB SDRAM memory
2x80GB Ultra ATA drive
NVIDIA GeForce4 Titanium
56K internal modem

What about Apple making something really expensive? Imagine...

Quad 1.4-GHz PowerPC G4
256K L2 cache
& 2MB L3 cache/processor
1.5GB SDRAM memory
2x160GB Ultra ATA drive
AirPort Card
NVIDIA GeForce4 Titanium
56K internal modem

I guess there'd be an audience for that, albeit a smaller one. :)