Whats the best USB hub for a powerbook G4?


I'm looking for some hints at which USB hub to buy for my powerbook G4. I know it definitely needs to be a powered hub - as I need to hook it up to my portable 80gb hard drive which needs more power than what is supplied from my powerbook's USB ports. However in my research I have come across powered hubs with specs that suggest that they only supply 500mA when connected to some computers. Some powered hubs seem to promise high power like this with all computers. I need the most power possible.

Would anyone agree that a powered hub is the way to go to solve my portable hard drive power issue? (I've tried using a universal power adapter with the drive, it didnt work)

Which is the best hub to buy that with definitely provide pleanty of power when connected to my powerbook g4?

Thanks for you help
Yes, you will get all the power your drive needs with a powered USB hub.

I have a Belkin 4-port hub (translucent graphite colored) that works great -- supports both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0.