Where are my photos?


Hi, I'm new to Mac, imported some photos in iPhoto, where is the location of the photos i imported?
I wanna open them in Photoshop, now I can only export the photos from iPhoto, is there any easier way? Thanks


In iPhoto preferences, choose the "Advanced" tab.

Then go to "Edit photos in:" and choose "Application..."

Choose Photoshop from the list.


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Also your pictures in Lion (10.7.x) are in your Home folder.

1. Click on your Desktop.

2. Then double click on your startup drive and go to the folder /YourHardDrive/Users/YourUserName/Pictures/ . When you see the iPhoto Library right click the file and 'Show Package Contents'. Then you can see the actual files database. Be careful here and don't delete from this folder and use the iPhoto application itself to delete photos.
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