Where is the trash?



Somehow files got into the trash that the current user does not have permission to empty or move out of! Since the trash is per user - I have no idea how that is even possible.

I would like to do a simple sudo chmod ... but I cannot seem to find the physical location of the trash.

How do I get the items rm-ed, mv-ed, or chmod-ed?
The per-user trash should be at /Users/username/.Trash . Note also that the immutable flag may be set if something can't be deleted; try 'ls -lao' and if any file has uchg after the group owner, run 'chflags nouchg filename' to clear it.

Thank you for the help.

I did the rm -rf ~/.Trash/ and some of the items were removed. So I did a "find --name ".Trash* /" and found out the on my 9.1 partition there is a folder called .Trashes with sub directories with numbers as names (501 through 504). I imagine the 501 represents the user that through away files on the 9.1 disk.

I was able to "sudo rm -rf * /Volumes/9.1/.Trashes/501/" to get rid almost everything else. The last is issue is that really annoying locked file problem...

Since I couldn't move them items out in X, I rebooted into 9.1 used resedit to make the ~/.Trash file visible and deleted the items the old fashioned way.